“Through each project we have worked on with Latitude Architects we have received exceptional design services that have been both relevant and budget conscience.  They are good to meet our functional requirements while creating a dynamic environment that is aesthetically pleasing and sets the stage for a memorable experience.

I have always been impressed with their attention to detail in both the drawings phases of the project and during construction.  In each project we have had a team of consultants and contractors.  Latitude has consistently collaborated effectively with other team members.  As a client, I am always taken care of and well represented by them.”

– Joel Gunn, Business Manager, Christian Family Church International



“Latitude Architects recently completed a total facade renovation for the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind's facility at 2305 Roosevelt Avenue with outstanding results.  The project entailed updating and adding architectural features to a very bland, straight-lined, stucco 1948 building.  Not only did Latitude complete the project on schedule and on budget (at a very reasonable price), the make-over was incredible.  What was originally an asylum-like, windowless exterior was transformed into an attractive, welcoming, art deco-like structure.

In the past, although we had many tours and visitors, no one ever complimented our building...and to be honest, I and the other team members were embarrassed with it.  Over the last 3-4 months, I have had numerous (over 20) positive remarks from both the employee base and the external public---including the word "gorgeous" on multiple occasions.

In summary, I was not only impressed with the end result, but also their follow-up, monitoring, penchant for detail and ideas/recommendations.  Latitude even handled the acquisition of the necessary approvals from the Historic Review Commission.  I couldn't have asked for more.”

– Mike Gilliam, CEO, San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind



“Our experience with Latitude Architects has been excellent.  Their new and innovative ideas have added the needed life to take our dining hall expansion project to the next level.  They have kept everything on track and all of the teams on the same page.  We are very thankful for Latitude's assistance with one of the most important projects in our history.”

– David Jones, CEO, Camp Tejas



“That's what I like to see... A man outstanding in his field!  You truly are and I really appreciate all your hard work!  Thank you!  Hope we can collaborate on upcoming opportunities.”

– Ed von Dran, President, Alpha Terra Engineering