arnet elementary school courtyard - design competition
[Recognition:  "Winner - Arnett Elementary School Courtyard Design Competition, Lubbock ISD, 2003]

The Arnett Elementary courtyard provides an environment for children and adults to learn, play, gather, relax and eat. This multi use space accommodates an outdoor classroom for 150 people, a storage building, a deck and grill area, moveable tables and chairs and a fun environment for all. The courtyard is designed in response for the need of basic construction techniques and a low cost solution. This project takes the basic geometry of a square in repeating patterns and combines it with the natural environment. A walk path allows movement through the entire site as it interacts with each functional zone. Color is introduced in the path, the entry gate and fence to stimulate moods and emotions as the children and adults move about the space. The modular table and chairs can be moved into a personal arrangement which suites any situation. Each aspect of the courtyard allows every person to engage in the activities of the courtyard and the experience that it brings about.