LUBBOCK, texas
[“American Institute of Architects, Lubbock Chapter, 2007 Merit Awards.” Texas Architect,
Sep/Oct 2008, pp. 24.]

With a donation from the McDonald family Lubbock Christian University was able to perform a much anticipated renovation to the 1166 seat Moody Auditorium. The existing auditorium was
not only being used by the theater department, but as the venue for the University ’s daily chapel assembly and other group meetings. Serving as a main gathering place on campus, it was the goal of the project to embody the new vision for future growth of the campus by creating a warm and inviting place for people to interact. The renovation creates a more contemporary aesthetic, yet maintains the classic style of the existing campus. The now McDonald Moody Auditorium establishes a sense of place and sets the stage for the next generation of theatrical, career and life performances. Derek Keck serviced as the Project Manage for SLS Partnership, Inc.

[project worked on while previously
employed with SLS Partnership]