ghana, africa
[Texas Society of Architects Studio Award 2010 ]

Pegboard provides Ghana with a sustainable mechanism for growth and the basic need of shelter in an economical way. The design emphases neighborhood connectivity, spatial adaptability and ease of expansion.

Pegboard uses local materials with minimally required maintenance such as concrete, corrugated metal, wood, bamboo and Kente cloth. The house is assembled with a kit of light weight concrete components that can all be poured on site. A corrugated roof is used for contextual reminders. The bamboo and wood elements of the house (screens, shelving, beds, awnings) are handcrafted by local craftsman.

Pegboard is organized around a modular 3m x 3m structural grid and a repeating .5m x 3m light weight structural concrete panel which can be removed to allow for doorways, openings and craft work. All connections are dry and demountable and either lock into place like a puzzle or thru-bolt together where additional lateral consideration is needed. Natural ventilation and cooling are utilized with one room wide structures.

In collaboration with Object 31.