presa community center
san antonio, texas

The Presa Community Center moved into its current facilities in 1994. Today, the growing organization is busting at the seams, using all of its available space and is in need of more & improved spaces. Latitude Architects was asked to perform a strategic functional use study and design a master plan for the campus. The first goal of this master plan is to utilize the entire site with the expansion of two new building additions, a new entry courtyard and the creation of a new parking layout. The new entry courtyard and main building entrance enhance the street appeal and invite the community into the campus, creating an identity for Presa that embodies its mission and vision. The second building addition allows for an increase in counseling spaces and administrative offices to better serve in community development. Lastly, the reorganization of existing spaces allows for the expansion of the children’s and youth area, creating an improved environment for the summer and after school programs of Presa Community Center.